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Imagined Blind Box Characters and Packaging

This project focuses on children's toys in the form of Blind Boxes. A Blind Box is a box that will normally contain a mystery toy, a checklist of every toy to collect and a collectable card of the mystery toy that you got. I was inspired by POPMART (an Asian blind box and figurine brand) and created this as a proposed project for their company.

Sketch and Rough

These Blind Boxes would be aimed at children. I imagined my own sub-brand called 'Magpie' that would supposedly sell these Blind Boxes. I chose the name 'Magpie' because it relates to the bird which is known for loving to collecting shiny objects, and this I felt linked really well to the idea behind Blind Boxes. I designed two sets of figurines with seperate box designs, called 'Sky Babies' and 'Happy Homes'.

Final Pieces

I created each of the elements and then took proposed product photos for my Blind Boxes.

Full Figurine Sets

The 'Sky Babies' set includes a rainbow, a cloud, a moon, a hot air balloon, and a UFO. It does also include a sun figurine but it is not pictured above as it would not stand in the photo.

The 'Happy Homes' set includes a small cottage, a tent and fire, a hobbit hole, a skyscraper, a lighthouse, and a fairy mushroom house.

Collectable Character Cards

I bought some sparkly film to test what the cards would look like with an overlay.

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