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Falmouth Wunderkammer

Every year Falmouth University commissions their 3rd year BA Illustration students to create a piece based on the word 'Wunderkammer'. Wunderkammer is a German word meaning 'cabinet of curiousities'. Our lecturers encouraged us to pursue our own interpretations of the word and what curiousity means to us.

Thumbnail Sketches

After a lot of brainstorming I settled on the idea of a children's narrative about a curious friendship between a young elf/nymph and a giant beetle. I drew out some different concepts of how they would interact and explore the world together. I really liked a lot of the concepts but settled on number 28 and 33 to develop further and then eventually choose between the two.

Line art

I drew these two rough line art pieces from my chosen thumbnails and decided to move forward with the right hand design. The line art was then altered again slightly as you can see in the final piece; I moved the beetle's placement so that the two characters are looking at each other.

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